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Indie Band Guru

"Castle Finn's innovative style lets the listener grab onto different pieces of the song and get sucked up into it. Whether it be the classic organ sound, the heartfelt vocals, or the catchy guitar riff, there is something here for all." 

Grunge Cake

I like what they have going on. Keep spreading that everlasting love, making us something good to listen to in the early hours of the current season. -Grunge Cake

Translated from French

"Put Castle Finn and it will be better

There are days when nothing goes. There are days when you find that your life is as boring as the Cesar ceremony. You don't want anything. Your motivation is close to the IQ of a dead whelk. Your only desire is to lock yourself in a plaid to watch a series that will make you laugh while eating an ice cream (Hashtag CLICHE).

Well, in those moments it's completely time to listen to Castle Finn and our song of the day. To dance with someone on their languorous, loving and slightly psychedelic notes.

So it's their first single and you can follow the rest of their adventure on soundcloud."

-Another Whisky for Mr. Bukowski Blog

Get Some Magazine

"[Castle Finn] mixes the best elements of indie, alternative, psychedelic rock, and good ole’ fashioned funk. Their latest single 'Buried Treasure' for example, sounds like a low-fi expedition of the cosmos. Each instrument shines, especially those gorgeous bass-lines, hypnotic guitars and dreamy vocals. How on Earth Castle Finn manages to invoke feelings of jam bands and Motown greats at the same time…but they do. If you’re bogged down in the muck of 2020, unearth this “Buried Treasure” and prepare for a delightful, sonic ride." - Get Some Magazine

ReignLand Magazine

"Wow! love the jazzy sound with the guitar and drums. The vocals are fabulous and the upbeat tone is fun to hear, makes you pat your feet. Very nice work." Reignland Mag

Phonograh Me

"It has soul, it has will, it has emotion and it is (very) harmonious. Above all, it radiates serenity and confidence in the future.


'When I See You Again' is a song that sticks with you all day long and fills you with optimism, that lifts your spirit on not-so-good days and keeps you company on sunny ones, soundtracking those much-needed personal moments. It is perfect to be listened to at any time of day or night, whenever we need a little hope in our life."- Phonograph Me